Cannot edit domains or add fields in ArcGIS Online

Cannot edit domains or add fields in ArcGIS Online

If you are not seeing the Add button when you are looking at the field view of a layer and are not seeing an edit button above the domain list associated with a certain field the you likely have a layer join view that was created through the analysis tool and editing is now locked on the source data.


Normally, if you are looking at one of the FieldSeeker layers within ArcGIS Online you will see an Add button for adding new fields:

If you click on a field that has a domain, you will also see an edit icon above the domain list:

If you are not seeing either of these, it is likely because of a layer join that a user has created with the Spatial Analysis tools. When the join is created, one of the options is to Create the results as a hosted feature layer view. This option does not consume any credits, but they will lock all editing on the source hosted feature layer:


Leave the box unchecked when creating the join, then you can find the hosted feature layer that was created during the join in your Content section:

From the main page for that newly created layer, you can then create a View layer to be used in public facing maps or shared with people who are outside your organization:

Creating the view layer outside of the Spatial Analysis Tool will not lock the layer editing and you will still be able to add field or edit domains.
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