Esri Learning Plans for FieldSeeker GIS Users

Esri Learning Plans for FieldSeeker Users

Esri Learning Plans are available from Esri Academy based on a user's role within the organization and their familiarity with Esri GIS.  Learning Plans can be individualized, saved, and assigned to users in your organization.  Most resources are free (training videos, online training, documents).  Instructor-led training is also available from Esri, either at an Esri campus or through a virtual classroom.  Sign in to the Esri Academy with your Esri login and start learning!  Anything you learn about Esri ArcGIS will help you with FieldSeeker, but it will also give you more ideas about how to use the Esri platform, help you build your career, and look good on your resume.

ArcGIS Online Fundamentals

This Learning Plan is good for everyone in the organization, but especially for FieldSeeker program administrators and whoever is responsible for making configuration changes to the system, managing users, sharing data within the organization or with the public, or whoever would like to learn more about how to use the FieldSeeker GIS data in other maps and apps within the Esri ArcGIS platform.

ArcGIS Online: Administration Essentials

Configure and maintain ArcGIS Online to meet your organization's business needs.  Enroll in this plan to understand workflows for common administrative tasks covering members, content, configuration, and monitoring of your ArcGIS Online organization.

ArcGIS Pro Basics

This free 50-minute class gives you a high-level understanding of how ArcGIS Pro fits into the Esri ecosystem. Pro is not required for working with FieldSeeker, but data administrators or data scientists may want to use tools and workflows that are only available in the desktop environment.

ArcGIS Dashboards Fundamentals

ArcGIS Dashboards enable users to display location-based analytics using intuitive and interactive data visualizations on a single screen. Learn how to display multiple data visualizations that support dynamic data exploration, real-time operations monitoring, and informed decision-making. Enroll in this plan to learn how to create and configure your own dashboards.

Create Smart Surveys and Forms Using ArcGIS Survey123

Easily create, share, and analyze surveys. Author forms for field data collection with ArcGIS Survey123 to create, share, and analyze surveys on the Web. Learn design best practices and how to deploy your surveys to a mobile device.

This free 50-minute training seminar gives you a high-level understanding of how to use ArcGIS Experience Builder to create highly engaging web apps and web pages without writing code.

Fundamentals of Mapping and Visualization

This Learning Plan is good for anyone who wants to learn more about using ArcGIS with communication in mind.  Maps are a visual communication medium that humans seem hard-wired to engage with. Using ArcGIS, anyone can quickly make and share a map-but creating an effective map requires knowing a few design fundamentals. Enroll in this plan to learn techniques to appropriately symbolize and label map features, apply settings that enhance user interaction with your maps, and create impactful data visualizations that resonate with your intended audience.