Trimble Connect and TerraFlex Resources

Trimble Connect and TerraFlex Resources

The attached documents provide links and a Quick Start to using TerraFlex and Trimble Connect.  
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      This video covers using the Map Workspace in Trimble Connect to set up your real-time configuration for TerraFlex, setting your Project Settings, and covers the basic controls in the map.
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      Attached are instructions on how to federate a TerraFlex account, which is required for users on the Geo7x. If the user is unable to login after completing the steps, go to My Documents folder for the Geo7x - TerraFlex and delete the UserState.xml ...
    • Making TerraFlex Projects Available to Field Users

      The attached document explains the steps necessary to allow user access to a TerraFlex map in Trimble Connect allowing them to collect and update data in the field.
    • Adding Real-time Configurations for TerraFlex Maps in Trimble Connect

      The attached document provides directions on creating and sharing real-time configurations for use in TerraFlex.
    • TerraFlex Premium Training Videos

      Sign up for Frontier Precision's Learning Lab for only $29.95/year, and access all the premium content in all categories.  Access is free for Frontier Support Now customers.  Visit for more information and ...