Updating Trimble R2 Firmware

Updating Trimble R2 Firmware

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      The new Trimble R1 firmware sets NMEA to output automatically.  If you connect in GNSS Status and set the NMEA output manually, this will lower the buad rate and may cause your software to operate slower.   Best practice would be to download the 5.44 ...
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      You will need to install Trimble Mobile Manager to use Trimble receivers with ArcGIS Field Maps on both iOS and Android devices.  This video will show how to configure TMM and Field Maps with R series receivers.  
    • Firmware Update for GeoExplorer 2005 Series

      The GPS Week Number Rollover of 2019 caused the 2005 Geo to stop working: https://www.trimble.com/Corporate/WNRO.aspx The download for the latest firmware update for the GeoExplorer 2005 series that will resolve this issue can be found in the ...
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      Upgrade your existing Trimble Positions to the latest version.
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      The attached document covers installation of Trimble Positions Desktop Add-in.